Thursday, May 31, 2007

For the locals ..

A reminder that the Smiths Falls Montague Airport is holding the annual fly-in breakfast Sunday ... Worth the price of admission just to see the planes.

Next Thursday Montague Public School is holding its annual community BBQ and open house from 1730-1930 hrs. All are welcome, come and vote for the winning submissions for the Rideau 175 commemorative calender.

When we bought our house

I seriously underestimated the minimum 5 hours and $10 in gas a week it takes to keep the yard under control.

Sooo .. I was thinkin' maybe i'd hire this outfit located north of Iroquois to help me out .....

Errr ... maybe not.

For the teen in your life ...

Boundless High School offers a unique outdoor education program in the Upper Ottawa Valley.

A high school credit and results like this .... sounds too good to be true. From the parents comment page ...

What matters is how she feels about herself and her responsibilities

Our son never worked so hard, felt so tired or had so much fun. That is a lightbulb moment in itself, that hard work and fun can go together. He seems to be more grounded since he came home, more engaging and less self absorbed.

The moment I say my son I knew there was some significant improvement in his attitude. He seemed more empowered and respectful, not just to me but to himself. He is more thoughtful and open to communication from others. Your efforts over the last 13 days has given us a bridge from which we can again strive to build a lasting foundation of communication and an awareness of each other.

She arrived home a much more positive and independent person.

Your staff know how to treat kids. They instill a strong sense of respect and responsibility – all while having fun.

I love the re-occurring theme here .... if you are not convinced yet ... this has got to be worth the tuition all by itself ...

Since my son returned from Boundless High School I never have to ask him to do dishes anymore!!

Barking up the wrong tree

The Ontario East Economic Development Commission (OEEDC) thinks Eastern Ontario is well suited for auto industry investment.

According to the OEEDC, the auto sector is growing. In the spring of 2005, Ontario surpassed Michigan as the leading auto manufacturing jurisdiction.

That may be so .... likely thanks to ol'Dolt handing our tax dollars to the new Toyota plant in Woodstock ... no such luck in these parts.

The factory will cost $800 million to build, with the federal and provincial governments kicking in $125 million of that to help cover research, training and infrastructure costs.

I have to ask though ... if the OEEDC is relying on geography and transportation links to lure auto manufacturers here ... then why would GM close a drivetrain factory in Massena, NY ???

Sounds like another useless, make work project/study to me.... a waste of time and money.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Can you get high ...

from baby formula ?

When you are as inventive as this guy ... in a word, yes.

A Sharbot Lake area man who tampered with three canisters of baby formula in February, replacing their contents with flour so he could get a refund of about $60 from Kingston's Wal-Mart store to buy drugs, has been sentenced to about seven-and-a-half- months in jail.

When Badour initially entered his pleas, Masse was told that Badour purchased three cans of Nestle baby formula at the Midland Avenue Wal-Mart on Feb. 15. When he got them home, he peeled off the labels, cut a small flap in each of the canisters and poured the contents out into plastic storage containers. He then refilled the canisters with flour, stuck the labels back on, and three days later, returned what appeared to be pristine cans of baby formula to the store for a full refund.

Ahhh ... he feels bad.

Smith also told Masse that his client is himself the father of a six-month-old child and that his client empathizes with the parents who innocently bought his bogus baby food. He's not without insight, Smith assured the judge. "He very much wishes that he could turn the clock back. He can't."

Maybe he had never heard of gluten allergies ?? This could have ended tragically.

Mitigating factors ? Ya one, maybe ... but pretty weak.

Immediately after he secured the cash, Smith said Badour told him he called the store and tried to anonymously alert them to the tampering. "Unfortunately, that information did not get through to the right people," the defence lawyer said.

I say weak ... because according to this story .. the crook lied to the cops after turning himself in.

Badour turned himself in on March 20 after learning that police wanted to talk to him, and Griffith said he gave them a statement. Masse was told that Badour assured investigators this was the only time he'd ever tampered with baby food and, according to Griffith, he said he'd done it because "he needed the money to feed his baby." Griffith noted, however, that at the same time Badour purchased the formula, he also bought an $8 BB gun.

Come sentencing though ... the real truth comes out.

Speaking on Badour's behalf, Smith told the court his client has "admitted quite candidly," that when he tampered with the baby formula, "he needed money for his own selfish purposes, to support a drug habit."

Sooo ... just what kind of sentence do you get for endangering the lives of babies ... and these unrelated offences??

"...unrelated charges from 2006 of stealing $2,500 worth of chainsaws, possession of stolen ginseng from a break-in at a Sharbot Lake home."

Masse gave Badour double credit for those 70 days before sentencing him to a further 225 days in provincial jail.

225 more days ... minus 2/3 of the sentence if he is a good boy. What's that work out to ??

75 more days in the can ... so around 145 total.... in rehab.

"Badour told Masse he was sorry and asked the judge to recommend he serve his time where he can get drug treatment. Masse agreed to make that recommendation "

It took quite a bit of digging to get to the real story here ... one or two articles just didn't answer all my questions.. in fact, I still have some.

1. Cocaine or heroin ... which one is he hooked on ?


2. Does Wal-Mart still accept returns on baby formula ?

Oh ya, one more thing ...

The fate of the third can remains a mystery.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Details are sketchy ....

but Jack FM is reporting that ....

The ongoing issue of surface mining and prospecting on private property in Lanark County was moved forward by Lanark County Council last week. Councilors passed a resolution that seeks to improve the rights of property owners. Tay Valley Deputy Reeve, Susan Freeman, who represents the county at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, has been working with AMO policy advisors to develop the resolution and plans to take it to AMO next month, as well as seek support from other municipalities. Lanark Highlands Mayor Bob Fletcher told councilors the issue is a concern in his township as well.

I looked through the minutes of the last council meeting .. and couldn't find any reference or further details .... a story to keep an eye on.

Make up your minds ...

First they tell us we have enough doctors ... now we don't ... but in this case that's a good thing.

Because ....

S.F. area declared underserviced by family doctors

The designated area includes Smiths Falls, Perth, the townships of Montague, Rideau Lakes, Drummond-North Elmsley, Merrickville-Wolford and Tay Valley.

Todd Stepaniuk, president and chief executive officer of the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital, was surprised by the news when contacted by a reporter for a comment Monday afternoon.

"That's outstanding news. I was unaware of that decision," said Stepaniuk.

"It will go a long way to (support) recruiting initiatives as well as trying to stabilize our medical contingent in the area."

The designation allows the town to apply for "recruitment support components," according to the ministry letter provided to this newspaper.

Those components include a free tuition program, the community assessment visit program and participation in the ministry's annual health professionals recruitment tour.

After one year, if the community has been unsuccessful in attracting physicians, an incentive grant may be made available upon a written request.

Monday, May 28, 2007

A licence should be required

to reproduce.

And like your drivers licence, there should be a demerit system for stupidity.

OPP traffic blitz here nails nearly 400 drivers

After speaking with one of the officers taking part in the blitz, Constable Rob Sinclair, on Monday, Barr said one of the most disturbing stops was a man clocked at 171 km/h in a minivan Friday with his wife and young child in the vehicle.

"He pleaded for a reduction of some sort," said Barr, who said his request was denied.

Despite repeated warnings from police about the importance of buckling up to avoid serious injury in a crash, Prophet said numerous people were charged for seatbelt violations.

Disturbingly, several of those not strapped in were children.

"Those kind of speeds, not ensuring that their children are buckled in is quite concerning," said Barr.

If you had to pay ...

how much do you suppose it would cost for this much exposure in the Washington Times ?

Home could be where the Cup is

"Ottawa is the capital of Canada, a city in far eastern Ontario on the border with Quebec. Murray was born in Shawville, Quebec, a town of 1,500 about a 45-minute drive northwest of the capital, an English-speaking enclave on the Ottawa River surrounded by a French-speaking province."

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Why aren't we pissed ?

These Californians aren't kissin' Rick Lenny's ass ....

".... it's an insult to have a chocolate festival, when so many jobs are leaving."

Forget the chemicals ...

Lets go the full Monty.

How many women and children have to become victims to these sickos before we get it ?? There is no reforming or treating violent sexual offenders ... No way to prevent more victims time after time after time again ....

.....“pharmacological castration” would be an essential component in managing serial rapist Noel Joshua McCallum’s risk if he were to be released into the community.

“I don’t think anything other than pharmacological castration would work to protect the public,” Dr. John Bradford, an internationally recognized expert in forensic psychiatry and sexual deviance, told the court.

He was initially convicted in 2000 of sexual assault causing bodily harm following the brutal rape, two years earlier, of a 55-year-old woman in a downtown Kingston alley. It was the Saskatchewan man’s fourth conviction for aggravated sexual assault and his third attack on an older woman.

At the time he committed the Kingston crime, McCallum was 34 and had only been out of prison for nine months. He had served every day of the nine-year sentence that was imposed upon him in 1988 – when he was 23 – for two brutal sexual assaults in Saskatchewan involving a 55-year-old widow and a 47-year-old woman with cerebral palsy. The crimes were committed only three months apart.

The first attack occurred two months after McCallum’s early release from penitentiary in Saskatchewan, in which he had been sentenced to 4½ years in 1984 for the rape and savage beating of a 15-year-old girl.

The pitfall of chemical castration .... it requires compliance.

McCallum “has a condition that is a lifelong condition, that is going to need lifelong followup.”

The doctor also isn’t convinced McCallum is truly motivated to accept treatment.

That’s important, Bradford suggested, because McCallum would have to consent to take the anti-androgens, hormonal agents or serotonin-reuptake inhibitors that he believes would be the most effective therapy in curbing McCallum’s sexually sadistic impulses.

Lifelong ... that's the key. This orientation (or sickness) is as much a part of these sickos as your orientation. I've said it before, but it bears repeating ...

I ain't battin' for the other team anytime soon.

Four is just about enough victims, dontchya think ?

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Battle of the Windmill

One of the hidden gems in our area at sunrise this morning ... Just east of Prescott, west of the International Bridge.

The plaque outside reads:

"After the 1837 rebellions many rebels fled to the United States where a few joined American sympathizers in a new attempt to overthrow British rule in Canada. On 12 November 1838 they landed 190 men here and seized this windmill and nearby buildings. The local people remained loyal, reporting to their militia units; in a few days 2000 militia and regulars, supported by naval vessels, besieged the mill. Although British guns did little damage to the mill, the insurgents, seeing no escape, surrendered on the 16th. Eleven were later executed and 60 exiled to Australia. "

click to enlarge

A laptop for every child ...

Saw this last Sunday on 60 minutes ... and have been thinking about it since.

Some good quotes :

"The first English word of every child in that village was 'Google'," he says. "The village has no electricity, no telephone, no television. And the children take laptops home that are connected broadband to the Internet."

When they take the laptops home, the kids often teach the whole family how to use it. Negroponte says the families loved the computers because, in a village with no electricity, it was the brightest light source in the house.

Watch the piece here...

Smiths Falls weekly news round up ...

News from the local papers .. guess I'll do this until The Record News gets with the times ... and Smiths Falls This Week publishes in HTML ...

Lawyers who can't ..... become Superior Court Justices. Both newspapers failed to tell us just who the anointed really was ... good job Clive noticed.

Rideau 175 is underway ...

Smiths Falls passes a budget ... already going in the hole.

Hershey employees get their package ... 2 weeks severance for each year of service... comparable to other plants.

Fly-in breakfast is June 3rd !! Always worthwhile.... just to see the planes. One of the largest in the area.

UCDSB meetings go online (Montague council ... are you listening ???) ... now you can watch live or at your pleasure here

A letter to the editor in the Reckless ... that outta have the author (a teacher !) in the principals office !

Do any locals know about this ?? There is an ad on pg 14 of The Record News regarding the possibility of losing an orthopedic surgeon from our hospital ... and urges people to attend the hospital board meeting.... I'm curious.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bluesfest gets Van !!

This will be great ... one of my absolute favorites. Never seen him live.

How did that happen ?

Hope it sounds just like this .... From one of my favorite concert DVD's... The Last Waltz... The Band and the best of the rest .. Neil, Clapton, and Van the man !!! amongst others.

Disgusting pigs

do this with their garbage...

"After four years of travelling across eastern Ontario doing hydro line brush cleanup, Steve Turcotte's crew is used to encountering the occasional illegal dumping site.What confronted them this week along Eligh Road in Elizabethtown-Kitley Township, however, ranks among the most disgusting."

Smart people do this.

CJOH News in town tonight

I've received word that CJOH will be at the combined lock tonight around 1800 hrs to shoot a story for the Rideau 175 celebrations ... If you are interested in the technical aspect of television production ... they will be shooting the story and submitting it via the satellite truck .. unfortunately the live spot had to be cancelled.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Maybe the grass isn't so green ...

on the other side of the planet.

I wondered if this was band wagon jumping at it's worst ... I wondered with the sky high inflation (12.5 % in India) and the eventual "wisening up" of the workforce overseas ( demand for workers will inevitably drive labour costs up)... why are so many companies making the move ??

The Ottawa Business Journal tells of another pitfall to sending production to India or China ...

Delays in transportation, in particular, are at the root of the disadvantage, it said, especially with ports in Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle and Tacoma set to experience "virtual gridlock" within two years.

The minimum six-week travel time, Mr. Sunstrum added, was also a concern.


"....complaints about poor service from Indian call centres and poor quality of manufactured goods from China have been coming in for a long time. In fact, the price of goods and services are going up in those countries, he said, with skills shortages starting to appear in both."

They grow up so fast ....

Click to enlarge

Caught yesterday-- Chrysler Marina, Hwy 2 between Morrisburg & Ingleside.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Proving the cliche ..

Might want to check those bank records for fishy activity if you bought a vehicle at this dealership ... I had a good experience here .... others (allegedly) have not been so lucky ...

The President of the Find-a-Car dealership in Kingston is finding himself in a lot of trouble with police.

But a day after RCMP executed a search warrant at the Princess Street and Portsmouth Avenue car lot in pursuit of fraud charges, Ryan O’Connor held a press conference to proclaim his innocence.

“Our investigation has not been isolated to the Kingston location,” she said, explaining that Ottawa police and the OPP are involved.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Almost better than winning the Stanley Cup ...

is getting the Toronto media to admit it ....

No one will be able to call the Senators weak-hearted chokers again. So sorry, Leaf Nation, but you'll have to find some other franchise to believe you can look down upon.

Team Tory ...

on the path to victory ?

Not according to this Torstar editorial. I can't resist picking through this one ... Full of contradictions.

More than half of the 24 Conservatives at Queen's Park are Harris holdovers.

What has there been .... ummm .. but one Provincial election since Harris left office ... what else did you expect ??? The author specifically names five MP's to back up the statement that there is "Too much Harris".... and then names five notable newcomers that contradict the title of her article..

What gives ???

Of course ... the main purpose of the article....

But there have been setbacks. Earlier this month, Randy Hillier, a militant rural activist who has publicly denigrated social housing, public transportation, welfare, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and environmental regulations, won the Conservative nomination in Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington, to the delight of the Liberals.

Last month, Liberal MPP Tim Peterson defected to the Conservatives, knocking a highly regarded female contender, Effie Triantafilopoulos, who quit her job as head of Save the Children Canada to run, out of contention for the nomination in Mississauga South.

The writers analysis of Tory's chances ...

Portraying himself as a "different kind of leader," as Tory has been doing, might work if Ontarians were profoundly dissatisfied with the leader they had. But there is little evidence that they are.

Accusing McGuinty of gross irresponsibility, incompetent management and lax ethical standards, as Tory has been doing, might work if the Liberals were awash in scandals. But so far, they're guilty chiefly of misjudgments and indiscretions.

Misjudgements and indiscretions ???

I guess that's what you call lying to all of us in the last election campaign and then accomplishing nothing with the the extra money ... doing diddly with a bunch of lawless thugs (and the promised blow up this summer...that's squarely in Dolt's lap) ... the OLG scandal.. citizenship grant scam ... do I need to go on ??

With an effective campaign (read: silence from LFLA) ...

I'm liking John Tory's chances come fall.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Teen pregnancy in our area.. a real shocker.

The good, the bad and the really, really ugly.

The good: Judging by the number of young mums I see on Beckwith Street ... I did not see this one coming ....

"Leeds, Grenville and Lanark have some of the lowest rates of pregnancy for 15- to 19-year-olds in the province," said Jane Futcher, the director of clinical services at the local health unit.

The mandate of the sexual health clinics in Canada was to increase access to contraception and increase knowledge about personal responsibility and lifestyles, ultimately decreasing the rate of pregnancy in 15- to 19-year-olds to 40 per 1,000 population. In Leeds and Grenville, the rate is approximately 20 in 1,000 in the same age group.

The bad: If you are a parent this outta scare the shit outta you ...

This information is necessary because some kids area already experimenting by age 12, she said.

Because there is no age of consent for seeking contraceptive devices in Ontario, students are able to get birth control without parental permission.

You mean to tell me a twelve year old can get birth control and nobody tells the parents ??? Dear god.

The really, really ugly:

Nationally, more than 33,000 young women under the age of 19 get pregnant every year and more than 18,000 opt for abortion.

Eight teen thousand lives lost a year for less than a year of "inconvenience". I know so many couples who would just love to have one or two of these lost souls.

Another angle ... I've always wondered how women live with themselves ... a quick google search .. look for a credible source ... the answer is ... many don't.

An Elliot Institute study published in Aug. 2003 in the Southern Medical Journal found that women who had abortions were seven times more likely to commit suicide than women who gave birth.

Reardon said that pressure to abort, followed by grief for the loss of the child and profound regret over making a choice they didn't want to make, and feelings of isolation and abandonment by loved ones, has created a "pressure cooker situation for women" in which they feel that suicide is the only way to end their pain.

"It's a recipe for tragedy," he said. "Statistics like these should serve as a wake-up call that after 30 years of abortion on demand, abortion is harming women, not helping them." [Elliot Institute, 3/04]

I've always thought that short of death or grievous injury .... just about the worse news that I could receive from my children is that they decided to suck my grandchild into a sink. For convienience.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've been taken behind the woodshed !

Billy Buffam did it to me sooo many times in high school, my buttocks are still bruised .... and for the first time since my SFDCI days ... it's happened again. In my post here, a commentor chose to ignore the issue at hand and instead chastise me for my "less-than-perfect" command of the written word.....

"Richard Day said... I hate to point out that, in common English usage, the apostrophe in "Einstein's" is rather out of place. Someone with a really big IQ would be unlikely to make a mistake like that!"

Now, I've never professed to have a "really big iq" ... better than your average redneck, but certainly not "really big"....

My response was that use of the written word was not my occupation.. and as such, I'm an amateur ... bound to and should be excused for making slight errors. If the commentor were to return, I'd like to ask if he can make hide or hair of the following statement ... if he can, he's more than welcome to return and criticize my English skills anytime ...

" I'm gettin' BPV's on the DS1 ... I'm thinking it's the modulator on the MDR6000, causing trouble with the 64 QAM,DQPSK signal"

I think i'm safe ... and yes, the statement makes perfect sense to me.

But this brings up another point ... feel free to comment here, even if your written English is not perfect ... I have friends who visit that refuse to comment as English is not their first language and are shy, as they do not articulate as well on paper as they do vocally. I wish they would.

I promise not to criticize you ... that is ... unless you have a masters degree, work as a manager in the government, no wait ...Library and Archives Canada, embark on a media campaign against a charitable institution and then make basic grammatical mistakes in a press release.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

John Tory ...

is now my friend on Facebook .... Cool. Dalton's not even playing !

All the Smiths Falls news that's fit to print ..

... or air .

Smiths Falls round-up ....

First .. the good stuff....

A look at the middle of The Record News reveals the smiling mugshots of all the local constabulary ... by my count 17 constables, 5 sargeants and "the brass" ...on the occasion of police week. Now, I'm thinkin' it's a good job we have all of these fine, capable individuals .. because ... this weeks Crimestoppers blurb reveals the most atrocious crime I've heard of happening in some time in our fair Town and requires the talents of each and everyone of these brave souls to solve.

Wanna know what it was ?? Remember .. I'm not making this up, I'm not allowed to make stuff up ...


See .. I told you it was atrocious !!! Just cause it's soooo good I'll type the rest out ...

On Apr.26, Smiths Falls Police were called to the Queen Street area in response to a mischief call. On arrival police learned that person(s) unknown had attended the victim's back yard area and had lit fire to a patio chair cushion. The burn left a hole a foot in diameter in the middle of the cushion.

Remember folks .. they pay out cash rewards for your tips ... up to $1000 for a $10 cushion !

From A-channel ... Scam in Smiths Falls (SEE VIDEO)

A scam artist may be targeting residents in Smiths Falls who are down on their luck.

No worries hear folks ... I can't believe a-channel picked this up ... you wanna know what the REAL story was ... some lady and her friends were filling out "on-line surveys" ... and got an in-box full of spam ...


Commuter rail: The Record News drops the ball again on this one ... just a short paragraph .. which included the news of another noon-time train. Oh, ya ... they told us about the proposed bus service Clive told me about in EARLY JANUARY .... On the ball again...

Censorship at SFDCI: Seems some of the kiddies are upset the school play has been pulled due to racy content ... described by one parent as "soft-core porn" ... Of course the kiddies aren't too pleased with this and organized a "petition" and "rally" ... crying that "the halting of the production is for discriminatory reasons (what the hell does that mean ???) that encroach upon our freedom of expression and speech"

NEWSFLASH... SON.... You have no such rights until you get off the tit, get a job and start paying taxes !!!


After their laziness was exposed in last weekends EMC and they got their pee-pee WHACKED by a letter writer and then yours truly ... The Record News AGAIN published a letter from Irene Beckholm, President of theLANARK, FRONTENAC, LENNOX AND ADDINGTON FEDERAL LIBERAL ASSOCIATION.

And didn't bother to tell the good readers of the newspaper who she was ... I thought it was just laziness ... but maybe I was wrong.

UPDATE: Enough to stop a train ..

In my post MONDAY ... found here I told you about a clip some dumb-asses put up on youtube detailing how to short out the signalling system for rail lines... causing the lights to signal trains to stop.... resulting in god knows what.

Well .. the Globe and Mail got to the story today ... a full 36 hours after I told you about it .....

Anyhow ... thankfully the video has been pulled from youtube before more "tools" catch on and decide to do this ... for whatever reason.

OH, THIS GETS BETTER: SAGA ... a irregular commentor (and unofficial spokes-native !) at Halls of Macadamia makes the following outlandish claim

I have no idea who posted this video, but I think it was likely the RCMP. Just doing their job, because heck there are going to be all these blockades this summer and for sure somebody's going to get hurt. Good of the RCMP to show a safe way to do it! A public service, I say.

Emphasis mine.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another friend I ran into ...

on facebook is an old one ... and the reason I am telling you about him .. an excellent guitarist.... in fact he soloed at my wedding. Please visit his site and give him a listen ..

From the formation of our first " boy's Beatles tribute band" !!The Buggers !!, I've followed Bill's musical career from his first public appearance way back in grade 2 at an assembly at Rideau Public School ...

My favorite Bill music moment ... 1992 .. Rainbow Bistro in Ottawa Bill gets up in the Sunday jam and does Voodoo Chile ... the audience (and it was packed !) went mad ... I wish I had video ... wow .. I shit you not ... it sounded ...just like this and trust me .. SRV is guitar god to me ... I wouldn't say that if I didn't mean it.

BTW .. some youtube links to more great SRV performances..

Little Wing

Texas Flood

While on the topic of great local bands ... "mon petit Acadian's" band .. I STILL haven't had the chance to see them live yet .. but I have seen the DVD .. and they are good. Really good.

Ok .. just one more ... you may or may not have heard of these guys (and gal!) ... The Glengarry Bhoys ... great fusion of celtic,country,folk .. kindof Blue Rodeo meets a fiddle . They used to have a few freebies on their site .. but I don't see any now. Ummm .I have seen them on some P2P's .. but if you like it, buy it !

There is a deal to be had ...

... even in death.

Hwy 138 just north of Cornwall.

Am I missing something here ?

Near Metcalfe ....

Two of my interests ...

policing and technology ... one local article. How can I not post ?

The Cornwall Police has taken the same step I did in 2001 ... went with digital video. Wanna know what's really sad ??? Read on ...

Cornwall Police Department is one of the first in Canada to implement a digital interview room based on technology from Acrodex Inc.

In a stunning revelation ...

“VHS has gone by way of the dinosaur,” Norm Boucher, information systems manager for the Cornwall Police, said.

The costs and storage of over 700 VHS tapes a year led Cornwall to look at alternatives.

“We are required to retain these VHS records for years, even with cases that never reach court,” Boucher said. “Having the interviews automatically stored on a network drive helps us manage the data effectively, without costing a bundle.”

The FTR ranges from $6,000 to $8,000 per interview room, and includes desktop, FTR software, webcams and microphones.

Can you imagine the time that has been wasted since 2001 on this .....

“In all cases are that are forwarded to the Crown, they receive a VHS tape containing interrogation interviews ranging from one-hour to as long as twelve hours,” Owsiany said. “The limitations of VHS meant the court has to spent time fast-forwarding and rewinding through hours of tape.

Come on ... get with the times.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Enough to stop a train...

So ... target of choice for the Natives seems to be the rail lines ... expect more of it.... I came across this today ....

When justice fails, stop the rails

The Mohawks have shown the vulnerability of a major trade corridor for people and material. While few other communities could hold off a frontal assault by the OPP, there are other ways to close the rail lines.

A simple piece of copper wire, for example 8 feet of uninsulated stranded 3AWG ground wire (wiring for main service panels in a house, or science experiments) can stop thousands of tonnes of train traffic.

They even went one better than that ... they made a wonderful how-to video. And it seems to be pretty popular today .. when I saw it first this morning, I was the 100th view ... it's up to 255 now.

I wonder if these Einstein's ever thought that maybe something like this could lead an engineer to jam on the binders, perhaps causing a derailment that could spill chemical or worse yet....... kill people on a passenger train ???


I need some advice ...

Perusing through some "old friends" pages on facebook, I actually came across one that professes...

1. To be a Liberal ...

2. His interest is saving the environment and get this goes so far as to say Al Gore changed his life !!

What ....Al "I invented the internet"Gore changed your life ????? ohhhhh man ...

I posted on his wall a quote I saw reading a blog ... Can't remember where ... anyway ... goes like this......

"I didn't see An Inconvenient Truth .... I don't like movies with a lot of Gore in them .."

LMAO... that's good. But.... no response from him .

Sooo ... I was thinking of offering a challenge to him ... I'll watch AIT and have a couple beers with him.... IF ....he'll read my point of view .. that happens to come from scientists, in fact, climatologists ... not a politician ... and he'll answer my questions.... so I can be sure he fully read the material ..

Should I ??? I probably will ... cuz it sounds like too much fun ...

Do you think I'll be removed as a "friend" if I do ??

Dartmouth Hersey plant closure ..

A fascinating ..(to say the least) story ... another historic plant closure brought to you by Rick Lenny and crew.....

"....the shutdown will see the disappearance of a colourful part of the candy-making industry begun with the Moir family in the 1870s.

Hershey bought the Dartmouth plant in 1987, in the process buying into a fascinating piece of Nova Scotia business history. Famous for making boxes of Pot of Gold chocolates, the operation was once based on Argyle Street in downtown Halifax, with the smell of chocolate always a treat for the passerby.

With a new home and new owners, life became sweet for the candy maker. In 2003, Hershey received a four-year payroll rebate from the Nova Scotia government to help with a $20-million expansion of its Dartmouth plant. The company would receive $750,000 in tax rebates if it created and maintained 100 new jobs in that period. Nearly another half million dollars was provided by taxpayers to buy land for the expansion."

...Take 1.25 Million in taxpayer money and 4 years later run like hell to Mexico...

Milton Hershey would be proud, wouldn't he ?

One more question ... why is it Hershey spent sooo much money improving the Smiths Falls & this plant in the last 5 years... only to close them ???

I do believe I've come up with the answer.... but I'm keepin' that one to myself.

My favorite blogs ...

and why ....

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The Doggerel Party ... Clive was "my first" introduction to blogging after I became aware of the coverage he was giving the Montague election .... if you want a first hand view of a people divided .. start here .... and prepare yourself for at least an hour of jaw-dropping reading. Just look for the posts labeled Montague for the whole story....

After reading Clive's work for about 15 minutes, I was astounded at how similar we were ... only he's a lot smarter than I.

Just between us girls .... I've sent a couple hits Glenda's way ... for all the wrong reasons... I think ;-) Glenda describes herself as a political cherry picker ... she finds out stuff that you won't hear anywhere else ... and not just politics ... she has taught me a thing or two about dogs .. and introduced me to the Quebec cultural phenomenon known as Le tete a claques ... very funny.

Halls of Macadamia : If you want to take current events ... and think about them in a whole different way ... this is the blog for you ... Neo has a style that gets his point across in a way I've never seen before. Give him about 50 words .. and you will be thinking about what he said for hours ... for it's sheer brilliance.

WARNING: If you disagree with him, and choose to comment on his thoughts ... you had better put your thinking cap on ... cuz he is smart, and I've seen him rip a new intellectual asshole for some pretty bright people ... want proof ?? Read this and this too ...

Small Dead Animals ... Her Majesty the Queen of Canadian blogs ... read and you will know why.

I appreciate all readers ... but a lot of my facebook friends are exactly the readers I'm looking for ... those who remain in the area and those who have moved on ...and want to vent about how a couple of people (namely Rick Lenny Hershey CEO, and Dalton McGuinty) are hell-bent on destroying our Town .....

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Local sloppy journalism

exposed in "The Record News/EMC".

In the April 20th edition, a letter writer bemoans the fact that MP Scott Reid , has not been seen very much in the southern end of the LFLA riding.... Now, I had noted that the volume of correspondence with constituents had decreased greatly since the Cons had taken office... Not surprising, as it's much easier to protest from an opposition point of view ... I also took it that Mr. Reid was likely very busy with an important position within the government ... We don't really know what that job is, but I'm sure it's important. When he didn't get cabinet post, this came as no surprise to me ... why give a cabinet position to someone who is almost guaranteed to get re-elected with over 50% of the popular vote ??? Might just as well save that job for someone who's in a little bit tighter of a race...

Back to the original point .... The letter writer. Seems the letter writer is somewhat more than you would be led to believe ... an average taxpayer ... perhaps a Liberal supporter, but an average taxpayer nonetheless.

NO, no .... this was someone special... none other than the Liberal President for the LFLA riding ... in the original letter neither the author or the newspaper BOTHERED to mention this....

So ... either this indicates that The Record News has a Liberal bias (no.. not a newspaper with a Liberal bias....really ?)


It indicates that the editors are simply lazy and didn't bother to check it out !! BTW ... it didn't take too much to look it up ... they just had to Google the authors name .. and there it is !

Good work to the author of this weeks letter for exposing this... and shame on "The Record News" AGAIN.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I never thought I'd be asking this ..

but .. do you facebook ??

I've been laughing at my wife for the past few days as she has lunged into the deep dark depths that is facebook.

Laughing that is ....until she told me how many of my moved-away friends are on.... I'm now signed up, and have 21 friends already... including speaking with an old Scouts leader that's in Alberta .. and a great old girl... friend.. that I haven't spoken to much in the last 10 years.

To anyone who comes here this way ... drop a couple of comments if you please..names are not required.. and come back to watch what happens in your hometown.

It's worse than I thought

The Randy Hillier Saga continues ...

First Clive tells me about the Warren Kinsella's Randy Watch and then I see them talking about it over at SDA ... fortunately mostly about Kinsella.

FYI ... today's Kinsella Randy quote ....

"An OPP officer who was standing at the foot of the driveway asked the driver to stop. But Mr. Hillier encouraged the driver to run into the officer.

"Keep moving. Keep coming forward. Let's see how tough this guy really is," Mr. Hillier said..."
The Ottawa Citizen, March 24, 2006

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Local Scouting legend ..

... finally gets his hometown due. Kind of.

After 30 years of service to scouting Scouter Stan Lasenba has been inducted in to the Smiths Falls Recreational Hall of Fame. Stan was my cub leader in the 70's and he's still at it... now that "my ladies" are in Beaver and Cubs.... that's dedication. He has won the highest awards in Scouting and was even awarded the Canada 125 medal. Established Whispering Pines Scout Camp on Christie Lake ... Smiths Falls citizen of the year 1984.... Active legion member .... do I need to go on ??? The man is incredible.

The fact that it took 26 years to induct Stan in this Hall is completely typical of the disregard the Town has of the good works done by the 2nd Smiths Falls group. Late last year the Scouts went before both Town and Montague councils asking for $100 for each Scout living in the municipality heading to the Canadian Jamboree. Montague agreed, Smiths Falls did not.

Can someone please explain to me why hockey and figure skating are worthy of thousands of taxpayer dollars each year ( that proposed (threatened ?)lawsuit to recover the $8000 in ice time is classic) and Scouts not $1000 once ... and this was the first time they asked.

... that one has got me baffled.

More Hershey news

The Montreal plant, with 150 nonunion employees, was operating at less than 40 percent of capacity, according to Hershey spokesman Kirk Saville.

Employees at the Montreal plant will receive a "very competitive severance package," Saville said. He would not provide details.

Saville said Hershey is negotiating a severance package with the union representing workers at the Smiths Falls plant. Employees at the Dartmouth plant also are represented by a union -- Local 446 of Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco and Grain Millers International -- that will negotiate a severance package.

Saville said Hershey is committed to the Canadian market, despite closing its three plants in the country. As part of its realignment program, Hershey will increase the use of manufacturing partners in Canada for products to be distributed in both Canada and the U.S., Saville said.

Wonder what that means ?? Wait and see, I guess.

No surprise here ...

Hershey cuts 2007 earnings estimate
HARRISBURG, Pa. - Hershey, the nation‘s largest candymaker, said Thursday it will earn less in 2007 than it had originally forecast, a day after disclosing plans to close its last two plants in Canada and cut jobs from another plant in Pennsylvania. The Hershey Co. blamed a sluggish domestic business and higher dairy costs for lowering itsto lower its earnings growth estimate for this year to 4 percent to 6 percent, down from the 7 percent to 9 percent range it forecast last month. It maintained its forecast of sales growth in the 3 percent to 4 percent range.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Paintball sniper

A 21-year-old Orleans woman suffered a serious eye injury after a punk in a moving car shot her with a paintball gun.

Couldn't help but comment on this ... because some young lads shot my vehicle in the Fall of 2005..

I was on my way to work at night ... driving along Hwy 509 between Calabogie & Burnstown... I heard a odd pop sound, and nothing else. The curiosity got to me so I pulled over about 1 km down the road and noticed the evidence....

So I turned around.... now these guys weren't too bright ...they shot the same marked vehicle with reflective stickers on it twice within 5 minutes... Gotchya !!

Turned back around and drove to the scene of the crime ... and phoned the OPP... I could hear them in the bush ... they must have been scared shitless !! The officer called back to get the details and let me know he would be on-scene in about 15 minutes ... no problem... these guys aren't going anywhere.

About 5 minutes later, Dad 1 showed up ... and called out to his boy. "Give me that f'in thing" he said .. and promptly smashed the crap out of the gun....

Three minutes later, Dad 2 shows up... and funny enough ... did exactly the same thing... not a word was spoken between the two.

"Come on ... lets go home" ...

Ah, I answered ... not so fast ... these boys are gonna be talkin' to the Feds first... you shoulda seen the look on those two boys faces !! Priceless.

I have a feeling those boys learned that lesson the hard way once they got home ...

So sad that poor girl might loose her sight in that eye from such stupidity.

Hershey closing Dartmouth factory

The last Canadian one ... gone...

Hershey is closing its last Canadian candy factory in Dartmouth, N.S., laying off 580 workers and moving part of the production to the United States and Mexico.

Employee Jackie Norman told CTV that some workers weren't surprised, as rumours of the imminent closure had been circulating for months.

Still, the news hit hard when it came.

"It's upset a lot of people," she said.

Nancy MacDonald, another worker, said "a lot of us employees are unhappy, we're scared, we don't know how it's going to affect our lives."

Ken Drake, a union shop steward, said those workers who have spent a lifetime working at the facility "the hardest part is going to be the re-adjusting."

Apparently government money was unsuccessful in keeping the plant:

In 2003, Hershey received a four-year payroll rebate from the Nova Scotia government following a $20-million expansion of the Dartmouth plant.

Under the deal, the company would receive $750,000 in tax rebates if it created and maintained 100 new jobs in that period. It also received $480,000 term loan from the province to purchase land for the expansion.

It wasn't immediately known how those deals are affected by the closure.

This is a bright spot .... maybe there is room for an independent facility !!

"We're moving to a more cost-effective model that increases our use of manufacturing partners in Canada," he said. (Hershey spokesman Kirk Saville ... i'm really starting to not like that guy !)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Finally .. someone with guts !

And he's not kissing Rick Lenny's ass !

Retiree goes it alone in boycott-Hershey movement

Mike Cvetko’s car is pasted with chocolate-colored bumper stickers, on the bumper, the windows, the sides. They read: “Don’t buy Hershey products.”

The retired Hummelstown businessman is on a mission to stop the company from moving jobs to Mexico, organizing protests that include one this weekend to coincide with the opening of Hersheypark’s centennial season.

“This has nothing to do with the union,” he explained. “This has to do with corporate greed. There was no reason for what they plan to do, shift these jobs to Mexico.”

“I decided that it’s time for something to be done about the greed of The Hershey Company,” he said.

It’s a big job, he acknowledged. Cvetko and a few helpers have been standing at key points along Hersheypark Drive at various times with signs that read: “Global Boycott of Hershey Products,” “Hershey Not Mexico,” Don’t Buy Hershey Products,” “Hershey Stays in Hershey,” and “Is it Need? Or is it Greed?”

Cvetko held his signs high and his fist raised outside the company’s shareholder meeting two weeks ago. Since then, he has been conducting one-man protests with his signs at various places near Hershey’s facilities.

Way to go !!!

Everything is gonna be ok

cuz we have a task force !!!!!!!!

A task force ... for what ..

To pressure the Libs into finding another use for Rideau Regional ??


To find a new buyer for the Hershey plant ??


It's gotta be something REALLY good, right ??


Nope ... this one is to pressure Hershey into keeping The Chocolate Shoppe open ... does nobody else think this is the dumbest plan since..well .. since we elected the NDP to run the province !!!

I ask again who is going to come to Smiths Falls to buy a chocolate bar from a company that "cuts and run" to Mexico ??

Incredibly ... Councillor Chris Cummings acknowledges that this is unlikely to attract many tourists ... I ask: why waste the energy ???

Cummings said he realizes people aren't likely to flock to the town to buy a Hershey chocolate bar.

Instead, he said council wants to work with the company to create an "attractor" that could include such things as a virtual tour and other unique features in addition to a place to buy chocolate.

That model, he said, has worked elsewhere - notably in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

HEHE .. a virtual tour of the production that used to take place here ... that's a good one... He is joking, right ???? I fear not.

Here is an idea for a task force or four that might just help the Town ... instead of us looking like a bunch of ass kissing fools ....

1. Pressure the govt to find an alternative use for RRC.

2. Find another buyer for the factory ( Did they not consider that having the shop open might just discourage others ... just a thought.)

3. Get a light rail link to Ottawa

4. Pressure the government to supply incentives for industrial development ... similar to what they did for Toyota in Woodstock ???

Yep, this proves it ... they just don't get it !

Hillier promises to toe the line ...

So says he.

I'll reserve judgement until October. That is the point. First, before you can accomplish anything.... the team has to get elected.

Take a look at the You Tube link I gave in the last Randy post. 23 seconds..... 23 seconds to completely blow the campaign that cost countless thousands of hours and millions of $. The man has provided some wonderful sound bites in the past... I have no reason to believe that will stop. Just wait until the mud starts slinging in the campaign... George will be throwing the cow patties left, right and center... how in the world will Randy resist the urge... and give him exactly what they want... "they" being the Libs ... and who could blame them ... the media.

You can be sure ...he'll be making headlines in Toronto ... in fact, he is today. Already. Yikes.

While Hillier vowed to "continue to protest against injustice" if elected, the long-time maverick promised to toe the party line and "be in harmony" with the Tories.

Ya, Right.

Good luck, John.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Change at the top ..

of OPSEU ...

And some still think they are saving Rideau Regional ! Umm ... I don't know where they have been.. but it's just about a done deal ... Go take a look around out there.

This region suffered a great deal” under Casselman, Smith said.

Lundy works at the Rideau Regional Centre in Smiths Falls, which is scheduled to close. He said the concerns of workers at the centre were virtually unheard by Casselman.

With Thomas in charge, Lundy said he expects the union to fight the closure.

Here's a hint ... pressure the government to find another use for the facility ... that might save some jobs. Focusing your energy on something that's done is .. well.. a waste of said energy.

No surprise here ... the union hates the Tories:

Formalizing ties with the NDP would have been “a step forward,” Rapaport believes.

“The parties aren’t all the same,” he said. “Their roots, their orientations … ideologically, I think we’re a lot closer to the NDP.”

We absolutely oppose the Tories. We know where they took us,” Ryan said.

“I would put it to Smokey that he would find out very quickly where the Tories [will go] because there was no union that suffered more [during the Harris regime] than OPSEU.”

Ummm.... it looks to me like the OPSEU members suffering most are those souls who are about to lose their jobs at RRC ... aren't the Libs in power ???

Still in charge ...

Fallout from Randy Hillier's nomination on the weekend has started already.

"Health Minister George Smitherman, who is also deputy premier, predicted Monday that Conservative Leader John Tory would come to regret his decision to allow Hillier's nomination as a PC candidate."

Even the Lib's are warning him ....

G-string George is still harping on some back-room deal that John Tory supposedly made for Hillier's nomination ... One would have to ask: Why ??? Hillier is a liability, not an asset.

"I think that it was a deal with the devil,'' Smitherman told reporters.

"How else can one explain why Mr. John Tory, this modern remake of the centrist Conservative Party, would have the most divisive candidate nominated by a political party in some time?''

"(Hillier) is a hurt machine. Every time he opens his mouth it's to divide up Ontario and to demonstrate some way in which he's distinct from the rest of us.''

I'm just afraid what might just come out of that yap come late September .... and kill John Tory's chance of winning ...

Tory is still in control !

So glad to hear JT asserting control over the party .. After reading some of the stuff on freedominion you would think he won the leadership Saturday.

"He has said he will support that and be a good team member and follow my lead in terms of how we express our views,'' said Tory.

"I welcome the diversity as a means of making sure we can represent the different points of view across the province, but Mr. Hillier's not going to change me. The only deal we have is he signed on to support my leadership and support the policies of the party, which I enunciate, not him.''

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Dancin' in the Streets

I told them not to do it ... and I gave them the best possible reason I could think of not to.


Randy is the new LFLA candidate.

Guess who broke the news online ...... You got it, the Libs.

Return to Harris Era, Ontario Conservatives nominate radical candidate

"Randy Hillier opposes safe meat and clean drinking water standards"

John Tory's job just got a whole lot harder.

Mark my words.

Disaster in the campaign.

Just you wait and see ....

Remember this ??

It sunk him.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Maybe they don't get it ...

Hey Bob ... Maybe you were right !

In the post above, I quoted Bob Runciman saying:

"People aren't really grasping the gravity of the situation yet I don't think and what it means for the future," he said.

I didn't think there was anyone who didn't get what kind of future Smiths Falls has in store, barring some kind of drastic measure.

I'm starting to think Smiths Falls Town Council doesn't get it. How else would you explain the story found on page 14 of this week's Record News ...

"Group home zoning amendment doesn't see much support around at council table"

Seems The Mills Community Support Corporation purchased a home in Town to house some discharged souls from Rideau Regional Center. It would also seem that at the time The Mills were unaware of a stupid by-law in Town that does not allow for two group homes within 300 m... and the new home sits just inside of that 300 m "buffer zone" (in this context ...what's that ??).

The Director of Planning for the Town stated that it would be "precedent setting for council to consider" allowing the group home to proceed in this location....

Ummmm ... did they not consider that the Town was in some pretty unprecedented times ... and that some unconventional thinking might be in order to prevent the "impending doom" facing the Town ???

Why anyone would be opposed to a group home of this variety is beyond me ... go ask a neighbour of one of these facilities what his or her personal experience has been ... I'll put money on a bet that you will get a favorable response.... Opposition to a group home full of troubled youths I understand ... this I do not.

Consider also that the Town is giving up somewhere in the neighbourhood of 10 or 15 FTE good-paying jobs in the process ... jobs that the Town can ill afford to give up.

Speaking of giving up ... The Mills has no interest in fighting a negative decision from the Town ... they state they will "sell the home rather than engage in an exercise that has no support from the Town of Smiths Falls". Who could blame them ???

I really don't get the Town's stance on this... unless of course it's rooted in discr ..... NA.... it wouldn't be that, would it ???

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

California backlash ?

Sadly ... some people just don't have the courage of their convictions... from the Modesto Bee

...said she hasn't decided whether she'll stop eating Hershey products, partly because she's a confirmed choco-holic.

"I really feel bad for the workers, and I'd hate to be in their shoes," she said.

"It's been here a long time, and it's sad," said Howard, 30. "But I'll buy everything the same way."

Sooo happy to hear you feel bad .. so bad you won't give up ONE brand of chocolate bar ??? WOW.

"When I think about the water in Mexico, I wonder about the chocolate," she said.

Ummm.. you should wonder ... it would take me all night to write what Neo gets across in a few short words ... so i'll just quote him:

"moving to mexico.. . the land of "the big bite"... where every significant transaction yields someone a bribe... means that consumer safety just dropped right off the radar.

i'll buy my chocolate here in canada... and i'll sleep easier at nights."

Smiths Falls got lots of mentions with this latest closure (around 60 separate news releases) ... from the looks of this article, the Town is still holding on to some pipe dream ... or are they talking about The Chocolate Shoppe ???

"We've recently heard that Hershey's decision is final," said Elaine Mallory, planning and administrative director for Smiths Falls. "But our hope is that they'll have a continued presence here."

A park for Montague ..

Clive will post soon on this ...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The buck stops with Lenny....

By the sound of this editorial, I was right on the money when I said Oakdale was much like Smiths Falls ... check this out .. what a way to start ! These are my favorite parts .. reading the whole thing is worthwhile.

It's always easy to detest the greedy little bean counter CEO who closes a plant.

While the employees, in some cases, will lose the only job they've ever known, he's telling the rest of the world that the Great American Chocolate Bar can and will be made more cheaply in Mexico.

And while Hershey — as much a part of Oakdale's fabric as its cowboy culture — leaves a huge void in the community, its public relations folks want you to know they'll be ramping up the Hershey Track & Field meet for the kids. Sweet.

Consequently, there is nothing Lenny or anyone else at Hershey can do to spin this as anything but corporate pocket-lining, stock-boosting, Wall Street-pandering greed.

....he'll be getting richer and they'll lose their paychecks. He's the guy making the decisions and the millions, and with it comes any well-deserved animosity.

Morning reflections ...

Captured at sunrise this morning in Kemptville