Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not hard to tell

the high school year is coming to a close.

Desperate parents from all over have been hitting this post heavy in the past week.

Too late --

they are likely already leaking. The only questions are ... how much poop in the Rideau will be enough? And WHEN will Dolt ante up the cash ?

Engineering consultants have advised Merrickville-Wolford Township that recent inspections indicate that three sewage holding tanks serving the village “are most likely leaking due to corrosion.”

A statement issued by the township today said the engineers’ report confirms years of statements that failure of the sewage tanks was imminent. The testing confirms there is rapid deterioration of the tanks in the small township system “and indicates the contents are most likely leaking into the surrounding ground,” the report says.

Too bad the strip mall in Iroquois won the Liberal lottery --

$1.1 million nearby South Dundas Twp. was granted in provincial restructuring funds to spruce up a shopping plaza in Iroquois.

In order for the project to qualify for the public funds, South Dundas council is acquiring ownership of the pedestrian walkway and canopy outside the mall stores.

Of course, you have to elect a Liberal to get cash for the really important stuff.

That's where Merrickville went wrong. Partisan politics of the most disgusting kind.

A ray of hope ?

Sounds like Mayor Dennis Staples is hinting there maybe be some sunshine ahead:

Staples says he is still optimistic Rideau Regional could be used as a health care facility that would benefit people of the area.

Meanwhile, there could be good news ahead for Smiths Falls concerning the fate of the Rideau Regional Centre and the Hershey Chocolate plant, both slated to close within a year.

Staples said yesterday six or seven organizations or individuals have expressed a serious interest in either acquiring or exploring alternate uses for the facilities

In a few short years

of Dolton rule Ontario goes from being the economic engine of the Country to sucking on the tailpipe of equalization payments.

Good job, Dolt.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Scouting is REAL

environmental action !

Wow ... what a week 2nd Smiths Falls Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have had !

First off, all groups signed onto the annual Pitch In! to clean up the Town of garbage pigs have left laying around for the weekly meetings. Really ... I believe it's a disgusting character flaw to leave crap laying around. I had my children conditioned by 2 that littering was unacceptable. Period.

Anyhow our kids did a great job of cleaning up the assigned locations .... to the tune of about 120 hours combined. GREAT JOB !

Just imagine how spiffy the Town would look if each minor hockey team put an hour and a half in repaying the community a bit for the mucho deneros they receive ... and ya, that's a challenge.

This weekend the Cubs held a fundraiser for our big year-end trip .... and holy freakin' holy. Grand-slam is an understatement. This year we decided to get seedlings from Ferguson Forest Center in Kemptville and sell them for 2 bucks a pop at some fine business locations in Town. A really big Thanks !!! to those who allowed us to peddle our wares ! Well ... we initially ordered 300 to sell and ended up running very early Saturday morning for another 400. SOLD OUT .... early Sunday. So, with the trees that were purchased for Cubs to plant there are over 1000 new trees in Lanark County.

Does this look like a dump?

It is, or was .... and you'd never know .... save for the signs and test well heads. For the past 15 years, Scouting groups in Lanark County have been reforesting the old Drummond/North Elmsley dump. We're just about done completely rehabilitating the land back to deer paradise. Next weekend there's 300 more going in, and that's just the Smiths Falls group !

And now, the reward. I'm really looking forward to this .... overnight in the barracks at Fort Henry in Kingston !!

No classroom experience will equal the excitement and fun of the Soldiers' Overnight Program. It is by far the premier learning experience we have to offer. Immerse your students into the lifestyle of Fort Henry's garrison, exposing them to actual routines of the 1860's. In essence, your students will become soldiers for 21 hours at the Citadel of Upper Canada. Your students will be provided with an Interpreter to teach and guide your class in their experience as soldiers in the British Army in 1867. The following is a list of activities that your students will participate in. These will be much more in depth to allow your students to immerse themselves in the living history and fully appreciate the experiential learning:

* Guided Tour
* Issued uniforms
* Muster
* Schoolroom
* Fatigues
* Barrack Room Inspection
* Ghost Tour
* Flag Raising and Lowering
* History Hunt /Historical Detectives

Friday, April 25, 2008

Like I said ... Dead.

The Rideau Regional Centre (RRC) is not the solution to the problem of clogged emergency departments at area hospitals, Ontario Health and Long-Term Care Minister George Smitherman said Friday.

In an interview with The Recorder and Times, Smitherman said a proposal by two Opposition Progressive Conservative MPPs to use the facility to free up acute-care hospital beds is “just not a good fit” for the health-care system.

Say Hola! to Mexican chocolate

Coming very soon to a convenience store near you:

Production at The Hershey Co.'s plant in Monterrey, Mexico, is under way, the company said Thursday. The company would not reveal much more, except to say it expects to ramp up production there as the year progresses.

The Monterrey plant is the centerpiece of the manufacturing realignment program Hershey announced in February 2007. Hershey intends to eliminate at least a third of its manufacturing lines in the U.S. and Canada and shift some production to the 200,000-square-foot Monterrey facility.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Exposing Ottawa's underbelly

W-Five had an excellent piece on Ottawa's growing crack and heroin problem and the role of the needle exchange program .... or more accurately give-away, since you can just leave your dirty used one anywhere you please.

The growth of the crack problem, they say, is largely due to a drop of a hit from $10 to $3.

I don't think it's too terribly hard to see why the price dropped. Encourage behavior by supplying paraphernalia and reducing enforcement -- the market is gonna get flooded with supply.

Price drops.

Get tough with dealers, give users the option of treatment (if Dolt hadn't closed Burritts Rapids that might be an option) or time. That restricts supply ... a scarce commodity demands a higher price.

It's simple economics.

Needles have been handed out in Ottawa for 13 years. Isn't it time to call the grand experiment a colossal failure ?

Not according to Dr. Gabor Mata, head of the safe-injection free-for-all in Vancouver ... he thinks we outta just let the junkies and crackheads do as they please .... completely unfettered. In an interview on CFRA on Monday he stated:

"What sense are we making in criminalizing the petty drug addict who sells an ounce of cocaine to support his own habit ?"

One of the crackheads in the W5 story was asked if they hated their life. The answer ?

Of course ... every second of it.

The innocent one ounce pusher is responsible for enabling and prolonging that hell ... just a little longer ... for 56 individuals.

Some city councillors have their heads in the sand

I'm thinkin' that this story was devastating for Ottawa's tourism industry ... what Canadian would want to come and see this crap in the heart of the capital. I woulda thought Ottawa city council would have had an emergency meeting Monday morning to discuss how to mitigate the damage.

It didn't happen. Guess they were too busy writing their odes to the Portrait Gallery.

Not only did it not happen .... On the regular Thursday municipal panel Councillors Alex Cullen and Jacques Legendre admitted they hadn't seen it. Marianne Wilkinson admitted to seeing only the part that featured City police chief Vern White. Cullen and Wilkinson were watching hockey (cuz you know ... that's what's really important). Legendre didn't even know about the program.

Shame on them. Oh, so happy I don't pay taxes in that City.

The idea is officially dead

The thought of using Rideau Regional Center as a facility for the aged is .... not gonna happen.

"The place is not vacant yet and it wasn't designed to be a health institution," Georgina Thompson, chairwoman of the board for the South East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).

She cited cost and time as obstacles to using the facility.

"The cost to retrofit [the facility] to bring it up to where it needs to be brought up to would be involved and it would take a long time," she said.

On with the carnage ... I hear there are only 111 souls left out there.

RELATED: Leeds Grenville MPP Bob Runiciman talks about the issue and his efforts to make it happen on CFRA this morning. Evidently Smitherman is to be in the area tomorrow .... Runicman plans on pitching this again.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If she were mine

She would be an ex .... right quick.

I know my way around a washing machine and vacuum as well as the next guy or girl. And I do most of the cooking, just cuz I don't mind doing it ... and I'm not bad at it.

But if my wife EVER treated me this way the torrent of profanity would make a seasoned sailor blush.

And if she dared write about it on MSNBC .... well, this would become one of those divorce blogs.

I finally did it

I finally ordered Mark Steyn's America Alone .... No more excuses. It's "Warman Wednesday" and all of the profits are going to the Canuck Five's defense funds.

Steyn is super smart, funny and I guess the ladies find him easy on the eyes. That I know nothing about ;) Rachel Lucas says so ... and seeing as she's no dog, I'm prepared to accept her word.

Hats off to Mark for helping the bloggers out .... he's putting his money where his mouth is. So did I.

Have you ?

Friday, April 18, 2008

City people crack me up ....

I thought it was just in Kanata .... guess I was wrong.

Clothesline bans are imposed in 20 to 30 per cent of the province's subdivisions,

To his credit, McGuinty is out to change that .... so those that want to save the power have the option.

Here's what the past-president of the Ontario Home Builders Association had to say:

It's taking away a right from people who knew (a ban) was in place and purchased a home because of that," Fiume said.

Call Barbara Hall -- They've been been wronged !!

In any case, Fiume said, the new regulation is a non-issue because few people will use clotheslines in any case. "With today's lifestyle, no one has the time or inclination to hang their clothes outside to dry."

Three weeks ago they were turning the lights off for an hour in a grand display of moral righteousness .... now it's a right to waste "kill-a-watts" of power so you don't have to see your neighbours gotchies hangin' to dry.

Sez it all ... Cityiots.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Sens are out ...

can I have my radio station back now ??

For the life of me I can't figure out why anyone interested in hockey would want to listen to commentary on the subject from political junkies. That's what The Team 1200 or WSLB 1400 is for -- just as I wouldn't tune into those stations for breaking news.

Stick to what you know, boys.

On the bright side -- I found AM1050 today, and they had the Sean Hanneddy show on this afternoon. Wonder if they carry Rush ?

Macleans responds

to the guilty verdict delivered by the OHRC in the trial that never happened ....

The high-points --

Human rights commissions are undermining the fundamental Charter rights of all Canadians. Protest while you still can.

Keep in mind that is Macleans saying that ... not exactly a right-winged knuckle-dragging wacko publication !

We consider it deeply troubling that Barbara Hall, or any other government-appointed official, would take it upon themselves to publicly impugn this magazine and its journalists without so much as a hearing. She cited no evidence, considered no counter-arguments, and appointed herself prosecutor, judge and jury in one fell swoop.

The OHRC's code of ethics requires Barbara Hall to perform her duties in a manner that is "neutral, fair to all parties, free from reprisal," that she will be "conscientious and respectful of all members of the public," and that she "shall be, and shall be perceived to be, neutral and without personal or corporate bias" in her duties, in their decisions, and in their judgments.

via Mark Steyn

Local Conservative identified as crash casualty

Listeners to CFRA will recognize him as "Doug from Lombardy", a regular caller to Lowell Greens show.

Doug Aldridge, former broadcaster with Canadian Forces radio, morning show host with CFMO, Reform Party candidate and most recently webmaster/host of The Right Side was identified as the man killed in a crash on Hwy 7 Wednesday morning.

Doug will be remembered for his passionate, thoughtful political commentary .... I haven't been to his site in a while, and I didn't realize he had relocated to Pennsylvania. Seems re-locating didn't dampen his passion for Canadian politics -- he has some fairly recent posts on the Ezra Levant/HRC fiasco -- some weekend listening.

Rest in peace, Doug -- and heart-felt condolences to his survivors.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Former SFDCI teacher goes nuts

Why is it I get some kinda smug satisfaction outta writing that ?

Walnuts, to be precise.

Mr. Croskery is now livin' the retirement sweet life on his hobby farm near Westport. While I didn't have the pleasure to study under his tutelage (after reading my blog, that's a fact he'll likely be comforted by - my life's work ..... wasted), from all accounts he was one of the great ones.

I've been to Mr.C's blog before .... I think I first ran across it looking for info on importing a vehicle from the US. It's quality stuff .... on successfully biking UP Foley Mountain hill -- certainly not a task for the faint of heart:

I’m not saying it was pretty. There was drool all over the front forks of the Raleigh.

I've been waiting for the perfect time to introduce his blog here -- the day has arrived.


To give ya the straight goods on what's really happenin'.

Mr. C was at the meeting in Westport Saturday with the MNR, the Ontario Chinese Anglers Association and local residents to discuss the bru-ha-ha last summer over illegal fishing and assaults in Westport and other areas of the Province. Media accounts of the meeting were a tad lacking, the only stunning revelation being the MNR doesn't have the resources to protect our resources. Here's a hint -- take the deneros spent on counter-productive one-sided OHRC reports .... and put it toward actually solving the issue. Better yet -- disband the whole darned thing and give the entire budget to the MNR ... one of those win-win, two-birds-with-one-stone deals.

Reflecting on the meeting, and following a visit to the Ontario Chinese Anglers website Mr.C is left with the impression that the Chinese community is taking some responsibility and ownership of the problem and tackling the issue head-on -- from within "the community". Steps such as education on regulations for newcomers are underway.

How utterly refreshing. Now if we could just get Jam .... Er, never mind - that one will only get me in trouble.

What's really interesting to me: Some culpability is acknowledged by the anglers -- but that's something the OHRC fails (or refuses) to include in the report. More to come on that when I get the time.... the preliminary report really begs to be dissected. FACTS are completely ignored and it's FULL of half-truths, mis-quotes and assumptions. Each one designed to suit the Commissions self-serving purposes, of course.

Anyhow, it's nice to have another local voice in the blogosphere -- three now !!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another case of mixed-up priorities

So far this year, the City of Kingston has discharged roughly 345 million litres of raw waste, compared to 89 million in 2007.

Most of that untreated sewage went directly into Lake Ontario, from which Kingston and dozens of other municipalities draw their drinking water.

Of course, they could always drink or poop in that $50M nifty entertainment complex they just built ... way to put the real important stuff first guys ! 345 million litres .... I'm finding it hard to wrap my head around that number .. 345 million litres of poop - in four months - straight into the lake. WOW.

RELATED: Speaking of K-Town environmental madness --

When Heather O'Reilly decided she wanted to become an environmental activist, she thought it was important to learn from one of the best.

The Queen's University graduate student wasted no time in going straight to former U.S. vice-president Al Gore

O'Reilly said the most difficult aspect of talking to people about global warming is that it's hard to prove to those who don't believe it's happening.

"You can't see it, you can't breath it and you can't touch it," she said. "If I were to be questioned by those who truly don't believe that global warming is happening, I won't engage in debate because I am not a scientist."

So, you won't engage in debate because your not a scientist, but you will get your training in the subject .... from a politician ???


Wanna know what's really scary ?

O'Reilly will finish her master's degree in education this August. After graduating, she'll look for a teaching position.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ontario HRC goes after the small fish

Fresh off a stunning victory in the trial-without-a-trial of the century against Mark Steyn and Macleans last week and the subsequent public pee-pee wacking, Barbara Hall and the OHRC turned their attention to a much more sinister enemy:

The Ontario Rural Redneck.

Ya had to know it was gonna happen.

(Westport Mayor Bill Thake) met with Hall nearly three weeks ago and was reassured by her that comments she made last fall did not mean to imply that Westport is a racist community.

But read the preliminary OHRC report into some assaults last summer on Asian anglers in cottage country and it'll leave you wondering if a single .. even one .. person of Asian descent has ever successfully integrated into the way of life that exists outside the ultimate uber-urban metropolis that is the GTA.

Until you start thinking about the individuals you know that have: and succeeded quite nicely, thanks so very much. I can think of better than 30 that I would consider friends; from the Vietnamese boat people that were welcomed to the area in the late 70's (including some to my elementary school) to a friends recent adoption from China. Never, ever, not once, have any of them complained to me of being subjected to racism. That tells me something.

Mrs. Hall and the OHRC : Screw off, you and your klan of kronie kommissars are making this krap worse.

If some idiots are assaulting people for no reason, that's the job of the OPP.

If some idiots are flouting conservation laws , then that's the job of the MNR.

And if both these authorities have the tools and resources necessary to do their respective jobs, and can be seen doing them, I can guarantee this would not be an issue.

One more reason to scrap the HRC's .... trumped up bullshit.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I can almost hear it ...

Lanark County 911 -- What is your emergency ??

Ya, some crazy dudes have broke into my grow-op and are threatening me with a gun.

*Snicker*Snort*..... ah-hum -- Excuse me,

We'll be right there.

It just keeps getting worse ...

According to a draft consultant's report it may be more cost effective to demolish the sprawling 880,000-square-foot provincially owned Rideau Regional Centre than try to remodel it for another use.

After that ... what's left ? Ya got it, a bunch 'o' farm land.


RELATED: The Reckless keeps it's head in the sand ... check out the "opposite" editorial this week.

"Smiths Falls is a progressive, forward thinking town"

Uh huh.

A $2.5M loan in the works to finance the remainder of the new rink .. taking the Town to the limit of its ability to service debt ... and we need to "embrace" it. To me, that's decidedly regressive and backward.