Friday, May 4, 2007

Maybe they don't get it ...

Hey Bob ... Maybe you were right !

In the post above, I quoted Bob Runciman saying:

"People aren't really grasping the gravity of the situation yet I don't think and what it means for the future," he said.

I didn't think there was anyone who didn't get what kind of future Smiths Falls has in store, barring some kind of drastic measure.

I'm starting to think Smiths Falls Town Council doesn't get it. How else would you explain the story found on page 14 of this week's Record News ...

"Group home zoning amendment doesn't see much support around at council table"

Seems The Mills Community Support Corporation purchased a home in Town to house some discharged souls from Rideau Regional Center. It would also seem that at the time The Mills were unaware of a stupid by-law in Town that does not allow for two group homes within 300 m... and the new home sits just inside of that 300 m "buffer zone" (in this context ...what's that ??).

The Director of Planning for the Town stated that it would be "precedent setting for council to consider" allowing the group home to proceed in this location....

Ummmm ... did they not consider that the Town was in some pretty unprecedented times ... and that some unconventional thinking might be in order to prevent the "impending doom" facing the Town ???

Why anyone would be opposed to a group home of this variety is beyond me ... go ask a neighbour of one of these facilities what his or her personal experience has been ... I'll put money on a bet that you will get a favorable response.... Opposition to a group home full of troubled youths I understand ... this I do not.

Consider also that the Town is giving up somewhere in the neighbourhood of 10 or 15 FTE good-paying jobs in the process ... jobs that the Town can ill afford to give up.

Speaking of giving up ... The Mills has no interest in fighting a negative decision from the Town ... they state they will "sell the home rather than engage in an exercise that has no support from the Town of Smiths Falls". Who could blame them ???

I really don't get the Town's stance on this... unless of course it's rooted in discr ..... NA.... it wouldn't be that, would it ???

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Anonymous said...

leave it to the Smiths falls coucil to give up good paying jobs, these guys need to give there heads a shake and just green light approval.....