Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wireless internet security

When we finally got DSL last month, it only made sense for us to get a wireless router to use with our laptops. Since I use a computer for my employment on a regular basis, often in the strangest of places, I can see that many others do the same.

I guess a lot of people also don't read the operating instructions that come with these routers... You wouldn't believe how many people simply plug it in .. hook up the LAN cables and viola ... it works.

Small problem with this.... if you're like me you might have a small problem with Diddlin' Dan downloading his filth on your dime. Not to mention the legal repercussions. I'm surprised you don't hear of that happening. And while I would never do it ... opening your pipe means opening your computer ... someone so inclined can look at anything on that network.

Some examples ... Park in front of Giant Tiger... there is one there (and it's not Comfort Inn's, you can use theirs too). 4 or 5 at the Railway Station. Somebody named Rose has one in front of Subway. All of them ... free to use their pipe, whenever you like.

There are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening:

1. RTFM ... A cry often heard in my line of work ...Read The Fu*$in' Manual

2. Put a unique non-identifying name on your LAN... and put a password on it.

3. Stop broadcasting the presence of your LAN ... there is no need to do so. And it would stop this from happening.

4. Reduce the power of your transmitter ... The range of these devices is often far more than the average Joe requires.... We live in the country, so there is about 100 m between us & my neighbor. Upstairs my computer receives his LAN at full strength .. through two walls and 100 m of free space loss.

Oh, BTW... it's a good thing for my neighbor I'm an honest fella ... I didn't need to pay for high speed ... I coulda just used his.

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