Thursday, April 26, 2007

The engineers have been hard at work ..

In order to provide my co-workers and I with the utmost in comfort, the CEO of the company I work for has directed the Fleet Department to come up with the ultimate company vehicle. Normally I wouldn't be "privy" to such company secrets, but someone with "connections" let me see the prototype .... it actually works !!!

Jealous ??

That's why I love working here ... they really do care. Another reason ... my boss has got vision and most importantly: BALLS.

His words, not mine:

"So I'll be very blunt. If they (the competition) screw us around too much, I'll screw them around where it really hurts."

Gotta go, break is over ....

H/T to "mon petit Acadian" ... who caught this ultimate vehicle near Cornwall.

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