Thursday, April 5, 2007

Happy Hershey employee's

... and they're not in Mexico or India.

"It's almost Hersheypark happy in there"

Why, you may ask ???

Two words: Voluntary severance.

"For the most part, I think the people are very happy with what they're getting,"

Richard Stichler, 52, said the deal is good enough for him. He has 35 years at the plant, having started at 17. Single, with a daughter who graduated from college, he can work until the end of 2009 and collect the extra four years he believes the company is offering.

"I think I should be pretty well set," he said.

Even the company is happy .... with themselves.

LeRoy Zimmerman, chairman of The Hershey Trust, said the trust hopes all workers will be included in early retirement plans.

"I anticipated that they would hopefully be happy, because an [early retirement package] being offered to hourly employees is somewhat out of the ordinary," he said.

"And I would hope they recognize that, notwithstanding the hardship that these things cause to families."

The Big Meeting is set to begin anytime now in Ottawa, let's hope at the very least a good package is offered to the Smiths Falls employees.

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Smiths Falls Mayor Dennis Staples says other company’s have expressed interest in the plant. He says keeping jobs in town is the bottom line and he remains optimistic because the community has a lot of great ideas, in addition to a valuable work force.

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