Saturday, April 14, 2007

Manufacturing woes across Ontario

From the Niagara Falls Review

Loss of manufacturing jobs should be an election issue

"I think it's one of the most significant problems, if not the most significant problem facing rural and small-town, small-city Ontario today," said Bob Runciman, the Conservative MPP for Leeds-Grenville. "I look at it from the perspective of where are the good jobs going to be in the future," Runciman said.

"You travel across Eastern Ontario, and I suppose it applies to most of Ontario, if you look at the polls, this doesn't seem to be a real blip on the polls," Runciman said.

"People aren't really grasping the gravity of the situation yet I don't think and what it means for the future," he said.

I don't think there is a single person in Eastern or Northern Ontario that doesn't get it Bob .... as usual it's the 416 & 905 crowd who are in the dark.

"I think it's an extremely serious issue and one the current government doesn't seem to have any plan to deal with or any willingness to deal with."

Somebody please tell me what issue the current government is dealing with ... besides adding to our tax bills ...

Take a look 4 years in ...

Better health care .... NOPE

Native lawlessness ... NOPE

Better, affordable education ... NOPE

Can somebody PLEASE tell me just what it is they have been doing in QP ??

Here is the Liberal angle ...

Sandra Pupatello, the minister of economic development and trade, said the government has invested substantially both to save manufacturing jobs across Ontario (????) and help build infrastructure to help communities retain jobs.

"In the Smiths Falls example, they know what they need in terms of infrastructure in their community and one big item was actually in the budget and that was the launch of their hospital," Pupatello said.

Jobs, ma'am, that's what we need .... don't forget the Ontario government is taking twice the jobs out of Smiths Falls Hershey is .... and refuses to re-consider or find an alternative use for Rideau Regional Center.

Oh ... here is something the Lib's have done ... made sure prosperity continues in the beloved 905/416 area codes.

".....however the bulk of government cash has gone to help urban manufacturing such as the auto sector. "

Let's not forget in October who pledges to help us:

John Tory, has called for the decentralization of government services, to move civil service jobs out of Toronto and into smaller communities, as a partial solution to the economic destabilization taking place in Ontario's smaller communities and for innovative measures to target rural and regional job loss.

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