Friday, April 6, 2007

Remembering Vimy ..


"Not for love of battle, not for lust of conquest, not for greed of possessions, but for the cause of honour, to maintain solemn pledges, to uphold principles of liberty, to withstand forces that would convert the world into an armed camp; yea, in the very name of peace that we sought at any cost save that of dishonour, we have entered into this war."

- The Right Honourable Robert Laird Borden

Watch the ceremonies .... and remember them. I'll be thinking of my great-grandfathers who served with the CEF & British Army. And especially my great-great-uncle who gave his life in the dying days of the war, gassed liberating France.

May we never forget.

RELATED: Neo has a post about Vimy here ... Look for links to download attestation (sign-up) papers from any member of the CEF ... In the comments I included links to the "Lest we Forget" project and you can follow a regiment through the war.... My great-uncle's Attestation papers are below .... you'll notice he was illiterate (signed with an X) ... and I love this (from pg B) "not subject to fits"

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