Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Smokes in a baggie..

... you just never know what's in them.

From Halls of Macadamia:

Cheap native-made cigarettes can contain dirt, metal filings and other unsavoury ingredients mixed in with the chemical stew of 4,200 chemicals found in all smokes, according to an analysis done by the federal Ministry of Revenue...

....adding the cheap smokes are often made with tobacco swept from the floor of cigarette manufacturing plants and sold illegally at clandestine auctions.

I'm really concerned where all this money is going ... From today's Recorder and Times:

More charges have been laid as part of an investigation into the contraband cigarette trade here.

The charges stem from a raid on a William Street East residence on March 29 that netted police 26 cases of illegal smokes worth $28,600 as well as $3,000 cash in small bills.

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