Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mr.Marconi would not be impressed ..

CFRA's Steve Madely is off, and the station has had some notable "guest hosts" to fill in. Yesterday, Ont PC leader John Tory, today Health Promotion Minister Jim Watson (and he called ol'Dolt !!) is in the chair.... I'd say "hot seat", as it should have been ... but sadly, it was not.

Something strange is going on in the radio frequency band reserved for Amplitude Modulation... not that AM has a history of being overly predictable. As I have noted, I frequently listen to WBZ1030 from Boston at night off air. This at the same time as stations much closer will not come in. For those who aren't aware this is infraction from the signals bouncing from earth to the ionosphere and back down again to terra firma .... You wouldn't believe where you can get stations from, particularly if you are listening with one of these.

Ahhh ... but this was different. While my dial (well, digital display) said I was on 580, receiving a clear signal, something was oddly wrong.... Somehow there is a strange metamorphosis going on ... I'm on the right station ... the right people are talking .... how is the signal from 1200 The Team getting in here ?????

This started yesterday ... I guess I missed the good stuff (you can listen to some of it here)..... I turned on the radio, there it was ... John Tory ... talkin' about HOCKEY ????

And it's still going on .... This morning the strange phenomenon continued .... An interview with ol'Dolt ... what would you like to talk to him about ... Lyin' during an election campaign ?? Lawless natives ?? Economic destruction in the Falls ??? The year it takes to get knee replacement surgery ??? Nope...

HOCKEY .... or, as the CFRA website states :

Dalton McGuinty's a Sens Fan!

Then again ... why would I think he would talk about a real issue ??

Wanna know what I did learn ??? Some wisdom straight from the lips of Minister Watson (he was speaking of ML fans). I think I got this right, I was driving, and pulled over to write it down. I'll listen later to verify each word.

"There are a lot of Toronto fans, not just in Ottawa, but in Toronto as well"

Astounding.... glad I didn't miss it.

I'm trying to look after your most impressive invention Mr.Marconi.... I'm tryin'.

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