Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Now that I have their attention....

I'm gonna let them have it ....

I had a VIP guest today ... have a look.

Domain Name ? (Canada)
IP Address 142.140.1.# (Government of the Province of Ontario)
ISP Government of the Province of Ontario
Continent : North America
Country : Canada (Facts)
State/Region : Ontario
City : Toronto

Now, it's not so much who came that caught my interest ... they've come knocking before, and I truly appreciate the fact that my voice is being heard .

No ... what really caught my interest is WHY they were here.

Referring URL
Search Engine
Search Words
rideau center smith falls ontario canada
Visit Entry Page
Visit Exit Page

I have a long, rich history with The Ontario Hospital, from my grandparents right on down. In fact ... I grew up with the place. I fondly remember visits to my Grandparents place on the 'ol Miss ... where they often brought people home for the weekend.

That's right ... they brought residents home for the weekend ... in the 70's... they didn't get paid ...they did it because they loved the people.

You'll never see the papers give you that story though .. no, no ... it's always the horror stories from back in the 50's ... when a lot of bad things happened... you know.. like ...blacks in the back of the bus in the Southern US ???

I also have some experience with the flip side ... care for these individuals in a community setting. There are plenty of successes with this type of arrangement .... in fact, most individuals, in my experience, benefit from community. It depends, I suppose on the individual. Notice I'm saying individual a lot ???I can tell you some failures too ..... I won't, but I could. I'll tell you how one ends though ... with an individual getting arrested. Then his name was in the community paper for the offence.

Enough said.

Let's assume McGuinty and crew are going to shut down Rideau. That's done too. The question is what now ....

It's pretty clear to me that "our guardian angels" are leaving us to our own devices.

However, she said the province is working with local politicians around alternatives for the site and added "the Ontario Realty Corp. is working diligently, in terms of releasing the site, to see what can happen on that site in the future."

Lay it on us ... we need something.

Finally, to the distinguished guest .... and do I hope they come back to visit.... it's Rideau REGIONAL Center ... you might just want to get off your butt in Toronto and have a look for yourself...It says so right on the sign out fact...I dare you to ... have a look ...

Really look.

Look at downtown ... stores are closing the doors already.

Look into the eyes of the people you are about to devastate... the single mother who just happened to get a good job out there and can earn a decent living... not extravagant, but decent. Or the parents of two young children I know, both of whom work out there.

Come on DO something ......

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