Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hershey Update

So ... The Big Meeting is on Thursday .... I'm eternally hopeful, but I have a funny feeling that we are going to hear a final closing date. Hershey met with the union in Toronto last week & told them the decision was final. The union presented a 5-year agreement for consideration.

Updated Apr 4/07 0930: More details on the meeting tomorrow .... don't be expecting any great news:

In a brief statement issued yesterday, Hershey spokesman Kirk Saville didn't offer many details about the meeting.

"We are focused on working with government and community leaders to assist our employees and the community with this transition," Saville said. "Beyond this, I don't have any details to share about the meeting."

Last Friday the Chocolate Maker's union ratified a deal, resulting in 650 layoffs in the two unionized plants in PA. 250 more announced today at the non-unionized plant.

Hershey announces India acquisition & product introduction.

Kirk Saville, a spokesman for Hershey's, said that the Indian joint venture doesn't have any impact on Hershey jobs in the U.S.


With unspectacular U.S. sales growth and more stateside layoffs on the horizon, Hershey is pinning its hopes that people in Asia will develop a liking for what a long-ago ad campaign called "The Great American Chocolate Bar".

Check this out ... Hershey's pissing people off in India already. Those guys really are smart...

Hershey leaves Amul with bitter taste.

“Hershey approached us with the proposal because they needed us more than we needed them. It is certainly not our loss. Whatever has happened, has happened for the good.” A senior Amul official, who did not wish to be quoted, was more blunt, “Hershey’s value system appears to be flawed"

RELATED: An opinion piece on Richard Lenny's performance :(

" A company can double profits with stagnant sales in a couple of ways. One way -- the Lenny way -- is to find efficiencies, increase productivity and fire people. That method can't work forever."

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