Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Clive's been looking ...

.... and I think I found ONE !!

We at TDPC thought it might be interesting to let a Liberal guest blog here for once. Unfortunately, being from Smiths Falls, we couldn't find one.

From today's Reckless... which I would link you to, but it's still stuck in the 20th century and doesn't have a web presence yet.

"The town intends to keep pressure on both the provincial and federal governments for assistance with (Town CAO) Brown calling the provincial government "our guardian angels"

WTF ?!!!!!

You are calling the government that is taking the top 1000 jobs out of the town of 9000, and is doing diddly for us otherwise .. "our guardian angels" ... I'd sure hate to see who our "devils" are.

WOW ... I've gotta be right... only a Lib would say that. I wonder if he'll take Clive up on his offer ?

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Clive said...

WTF is right.... I nearly suffered serious alcohol abuse there by spitting beer over the keyboard...