Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bob Runciman weighs in ..

And he's not giving up, yet.

While Runciman said he wanted to avoid a "partisan spat" with the Liberals, he suggested the government has given up too easily now that Hershey has pulled the plug on any thought of saving the plant.

"That to me is waving the white towel and this is too important to wave the white towel," he said.

Now, Runciman's no fool .... he knows Hershey is gone ... the question is... can anything else be done ?

Well, ya.

...there are local examples of employees rallying to build a new company from the ashes of a plant closure announcement.

"I've seen it work in Brockville and I know it's worked in other parts of the province as well.

It's something that we have to explore."

He pointed to the group of managers and manufacturing staff who rallied after Black and Decker in Brockville announced its decision to cease manufacturing in 1998. The employees formed a new company, Camalor, and successfully bid on a Black and Decker product line.

As for keeping the chocolate shop open with no factory ...I've always thought that was dumb... Who the hell wants to buy Mexican Hershey bars.. after they've picked up and left Town ?? It's not going to have a tourist draw.... Now, a factory that could rise up from this, and become a true Canadian success ... I think you could draw just as many... It's the opportunity to see chocolate being produced that is the novelty, I don't think it will much matter what label is there.

One bit of advice to any new business that might be formed from this ...

Leave the CAW membership cards at the door.... will ya ??

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