Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fishy business

A quick post .... reaction to the final report released Tuesday on the assaults on Asian Anglers.

The final OHRC report ... even more lop-sided than the preliminary. It's all whitey's fault ... I dunno, but the report seems to me to be every bit as racist as, well, you know. Racial profiling training for conservation officers ... WOW.

Building Barbara Hall's empire one racist community at a time ... it's a subscriber Globe piece, but you can read it (and all newspapers) for free on the pwsgc website.

Bob Runciman isn't worried ...

"I don't give it much credibility. They draw conclusions without having any sort of point-counterpoint or testimony for the defence," said Runciman.

"They are tarring the community without any documented evidence."

Runciman said residents of Westport and the Rideau system "are overwhelmingly good people" who care about their fellow Ontarians and Canadians.

"Just don't lose any sleep over the conclusions of Barbara Hall," he said.

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